0.5L käsivoitelupumppu


0.5L käsivoitelupumppu

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A 0.5 liter manual lubrication pump is a hand-operated pump designed for lubricating various machinery and equipment. These pumps are typically used to precisely dispense lubricants like oil or grease, ensuring proper lubrication and extending the lifespan of the equipment.

Key Features and Options


  • Toiminta: These pumps are manually operated, requiring the user to pump the handle to dispense lubricant. This allows for precise control over the amount of lubricant distributed.


  • 0.5 litran kapasiteetti: This is a common specification for manual lubrication pumps, suitable for most small to medium-sized applications.


  • Kestävyys: Pumps can be made from various materials, including cast iron, known for its durability and corrosion resistance.

CNC Compatibility

  • Integraatio: Some pumps are designed to be compatible with CNC (computer numerical control) machines, commonly used in manufacturing and machining processes.

Price Range and Availability

The price of 0.5 liter manual lubrication pumps varies based on brand, quality, and features. Here are some examples of available pumps and their prices:

  • Budjettivaihtoehdot: Pumps from eBay sellers like intsupermai30 and globalking888, priced at $29.94 and $24.42 respectively.
  • Keskitason vaihtoehdot: Pumps from Amazon and Home Depot, such as the Performance Tool W54268 and Liquidynamics 10005R, priced at $40.80 and $47.74 respectively.
  • Premium-asetukset: High-end pumps from MSC Industrial Supply and eBay sellers like yalon-bay and supermario-au, priced between $51.52 and $77.30.

Brands and Sellers

Some well-known brands and sellers offering 0.5 liter manual lubrication pumps include:

  • Suorituskykytyökalu: Known for high-quality tools and equipment, offering lever pumps on Amazon.
  • Liquidynamics: Provides cast iron rotary hand pumps for lubricants, available at Home Depot.
  • Intsupermai: Offers a range of manual pumps, including 0.5 liter CNC-compatible pumps, available on eBay and Walmart.


A 0.5 liter manual lubrication pump is a versatile tool for performing various lubrication tasks. When selecting a pump, consider factors like material, capacity, and compatibility with your equipment. Prices vary by brand and features, providing options across different price ranges.

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Purkaus per veto


Voitelupisteet Suodatettavuus (U Säiliö (ml) Viskositeetti (mm2/S) paino (kg) Poistolanka
SH-0.5, XNUMX 20501 Vasen 0.4 5 1 ~ 50 40 0.5 21 ~ 210 1 M8 × 1
SH-0.5, XNUMX 20502 Oikea
SH-0.5, XNUMX 20503 Keskimmäinen
SH-1, XNUMX 20504 Vasen 0.32 1 ~ 18 1 ~ 50 40 1 21 ~ 210 1.5 M8×1 & M10×1
SH-1, XNUMX 20505 Oikea
SH-1, XNUMX 20506 Keskimmäinen
SH-2, XNUMX 20507 Vasen 0.32 1 ~ 18 1 ~ 50 40 2 21 ~ 210 2 M8×1 & M10×1
SH-2, XNUMX 20508 Oikea
SH-2, XNUMX 20509 Keskimmäinen

(0.5L)520mm×285mm×435mm / 20 Pcs—-carton
(1L) 420mm×310mm×290mm /4 Pcs—-carton
(2L)530mm×270mm×350mm/ 3 Pcs—–carton

Paino 4 kg
Mitat 40 × 40 × 40 cm

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